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Writing Your Dating Profile: 5 Key Tips

Aug 062021

I’m on many dating apps. I am an active woman who wants to “play the field”. 

When Sugarbb launched its dating app in 2019, I was a bit intrigued. After all, dating some very interesting gentlemen or celebrities is very exciting.

But the real purpose here is to speak to setting up a good dating profile. I’ve done it pretty successfully if responses are any indication. So, I am passing on these tips to help you do the same.


1. Make the Most of Your "About Me"

Make your profile count. Think about three catchy adjectives that describe you. In lieu of that, tell a very short anecdote that shows your personality. 


2. sugarBB Dating App Is Not Tinder

Tinder is basically a site for hook-ups, and profiles should reflect that. SugarBB Dating App is a site for seeking relationships on your terms, and that requires a profile that is a bit more conservative, yet still engaging and as creative as possible. If you find yourself struggling to come up with such a profile, consider getting some help. 


3. Lose the Negativity

Do not “dis” on past relationships or speak to what you do not want in a potential relationship. This is a huge “turn-off” and sets you up as an unhappy, un-fun person. All of your words must be more general and upbeat. What do you love to do? What are the general personality traits you are looking for in a partner? Stay away from the physical. First of all, your profile pictures will take care of that. And once you make contact with someone, their profile pictures will do the same.


4. Take the Time To Choose the Right Pictures

You can have a few photos but choose wisely. One key tip here: do not use filters. Most people will recognize this and feel that you are being a bit deceptive. Post a few pictures but not too many. You don’t want to seem too “full” of yourself.



5. Watch the Grammar and Spelling

Your dating profile will not be written in complete sentences. But even phrases need to make grammatical sense. Spelling can be an issue. Because SugarBB dating is a mobile app, there is autocorrect. If not watched carefully, there can be a total mismatch of words. Do not publish your profile until you have proofread it several times.


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